Dirt separator tank




Dirt separator tank


Made entirely of steel AISI 304 of 3 mm thick, the tank guarantees a first cleaning of the tomatoes by removing mud and stones thanks to a system of grilles and scrapers. The removal of the dirt takes place on the motorised side, while the one of the stones on the moveable side. Then the clean tomato is pushed into a conveyor by a water flow. Like all Digama machinery, the dirt separator tanks are built in compliance with CE regulations, with protective casing of the moving parts and inspection hatches.

Tomato discharge area length size: 5-12 m
Tomato discharge area width size: 1.4 – 0.8 m
Stainless steel grilles length size: 600 mm
Tubular support structure size: 100 x 50 x 3 mm

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