The drum lift for food and non-food sector: a new Digama product!

The drum lift is the new product of the Meccanica DIGAMA for food and non-food sector. It features a full stainless steel construction and has all the requirements for direct contact with food products.
In the food sector it can be used for various products such as sauces, vegetables, pickled foods and / or other ingredients.

Design, innovation and safety
The standard model is built for 250kg with both metal and plastic drums with a max diameter of 550mm.
The design makes total cleaning possible and is also suitable for pressure washers.

Meccanica DIGAMA designs different versions that adapt to drums of different sizes. The DIGAMA drum lift is equipped with an adequate safety system with surveillance buttons (of the “dead man” type). The machine is operated with an electrical system entrusted to a gear motor that works directly on the rotation axis.

With its team of internal programmers, DIGAMA is able to customize all the machines according to the needs!

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