A local excellence chooses the DIGAMA brand!

Meccanica Digama has created a complete plant for the processing of legumes for Bio Verde, a company of Agro Nocerino Sarnese, excellence of Campania that has chosen our cutting-edge production plants.

The sharing of objectives, the comparison and the dialogue between the customer and Meccanica Digama have been the fundamental tools for the development of a customized project.

We have created a plant with cutting-edge technology in compliance with the production requirements of Industry 4.0 with the aim of improving working conditions, speeding up production, facilitate the collaboration between the operator and the machines and improve the quality of the products.

The line consists of a unique plant for the processing of legumes – from the initial handling and cleaning of the dry product to its rehydration, from scalding to sterilization, from cooling to packaging, up to palletizing.

Our customized plant consists of:

System of spilling bags of dry product that enslaved 10 tanks of rehydration, reaching a total processing volume of 30,000 kg of dried legumes;
Blancher for the scalding of legumes to 90, which guarantees the correct preservation of the product
Depietrator, blower and optical sorting machine for the elimination of foreign bodies and any superfluous residues;
Vertical sterilization autoclaves with attached cooling tanks and subsequent system of reordering boxes;
Magnetic conveyors and elevators for the transfer of boxes;
Palletizer for the handling and palletizing of packaged products, which simplifies the entire production process.

The entire plant can process 850 pieces from boxes of 400 gr per minute for a total of 30,000 kg of product in a shift of 8 hours, with the maximum use of 10 operators.
Meccanica Digama is specialized in the realization of plants for the canning food sector, according to the dynamics and provisions of Industry 4.0.
We are able to customize the software of each individual machine by satisfying the needs of digitization, simplification and speeding up of the production processes of modern canning industries thanks to the know-howhow, the experience and expertise of our team of internal programmers.

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