Saniflex conveyors and elevators

Saniflex conveyors and elevators are system of transport with a high level of sanitation.

Meccanica DIGAMA manufactures systems for handling and palletizing food packaging and pays particular attention to the quality, efficiency and safety of transport systems and, at the same time, ensures perfect integration with the lines of machinery.

All the machines are projected and customized according to the specific requests of the customer and the type of product to be processed.

In the section of our web site Handling various solutions are presented: Unscramblers, Conveyor belts, multi-track, Conveyors on concave roller, magnetic, buffer and fighting Elevator, porters, Screw conveyor systems.

The continuous market needs for easy-to-sanitize conveyors have prompted us to develop a new product.

Saniflex conveyors and elevators are designed to allow a maximum degree of sanitation, thanks to a structure entirely in AISI 304, specifically designed to guarantee easy and accurate cleaning. The belt is detectable in order to identify any residues caused by accidental breakage of the belt itself.

In addition, Saniflex conveyors and elevators have also been designed for a quick change of the belt, without the use of tools. This feature is very advantageous for companies that work with a high level of sanitation, especially to ensure the absence of allergens. In fact, during product changes, there are generally long production stops in order to carry out this sanitization.

With this system, having a spare belt already sanitized in a few minutes, the conveyor is ready for use. Although at the beginning this investment may be more expensive, it will be repaid with less production downtime due to product changes.

This technology can be developed for inclined, straight, flight elevators, swan neck and heat-sealed containment sides.

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