Anthropomorphic robot: industry 4.0 and more efficient industrial production processes

An anthropomorphic robot is a type of advanced industrial robot that has increased the degrees of freedom, precision, speed and load capacity in the manufacturing processes of industries.

Thanks to its characteristics – it is automatically controlled, programmable, multipurpose – today, industrial processes (handling, logistics, packaging) are ever faster and more efficient.

Industry 4.0 and hyper depreciation.

The DIGAMA robot meets the requirements of the law for industry 4.0 and depreciation measures.

The super and hyper amortization measures – introduced for the first time by the 2016 Stability Law (Law number 208/2015) – aim to put in place the most suitable tools to stimulate the productive investments of businesses and professionals, thanks to an acceleration of the tax depreciation process of the asset considered.

The 2021 Budget Law, currently being approved, intervenes on the tax credit percentages, increasing them with an important and additional financial allocation for the next three years.

Why choose an anthropomorphic robot and not a Cartesian?

The anthropomorphic robot facilitates the handling and palletizing of packaged products, simplifying production processes and reducing company costs (maintenance and personnel) with its sophisticated and innovative technology. The 360​​° rotating platform also allows precise movements from one point of the plant to another, with a minimum footprint.

Moreover, thanks to its degrees of freedom in its range of action it allows to be able to pick up and deposit in different locations, this capacity allows to compact the cell unlike traditional systems which require more space but above all are limited.

Finally, the gripping head (gripper, magnetic head, suction head, etc.) can be hybrid, ie multifunction or even the robot can replace it autonomously according to the selected settings.


Meccanica DIGAMA produces systems for the transport, handling and palletization of food and non-food packaging. The management of tins, cartons, bags is organized by means of the latest generation machinery which, thanks to innovative technologies, simplifies the last phases of the production process, reducing company costs

Meccanica DIGAMA designs and manufactures cells with anthropomorphic robots (palletizers, stackers) customized according to the customer’s needs and spaces. Moreover, thanks to many years of experience in the field of packaging (cans, cartons, bottles, bricks), it is able to supply complete custom systems.

The Picking up Head are entirely designed, assembled and tested in the company, this allows us to be a completely independent company but above all to offer a high after-sales service with assistance, maintenance and all necessary interventions.

Thanks to the team of internal programmers, DIGAMA is able to customize the software of each single cell according to the needs requested by the customer. These customizations can be: the operator panel, Robot movements and finally all the data exchanges useful for Industries 4.0.

The latest robotic cells built by Digama have been installed in companies in the canning sector.

These cells have been designed to palletize or depalletize tinplate boxes with food product inside.

In this case, the robot is equipped with a Electromagnetic Picking up Head which is activated at the time of withdrawal and at the time of deposit. They also have an automatic interlayer positioning system between one layer and another.

Thanks to an easy change of settings they allow the robot to be hybrid, in fact these cells with a simple click can change the type of jar to be processed (example from 3 to 5kg.)

Do you want to see it in action?

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