We design and develop customized lines and machinery for the customer.


MECCANICA DIGAMA is food technology since 1983. It’s at the forefront company in producing machinery for food industry, thanks to its attitude in researching, its innovative inspiration and its improvement aspiration: the engineering of processes joins the technique to machine design, but the added value of human resources makes the company a constantly developing institution.


From father to son: the school of the founder Gioacchino is based on respect and attention, on technical and professional knowledge; thanks to his teaching and passion, his sons are not only the three Di Prisco brothers, but also a close and cohesive team. The goals sharing, their insatiable knowledge desire, their capability of discussing and judgement that joins, experiments and realizes which make MECCANICA DIGAMA a creative power.

The true wealth

is in our territory
Since 1983 MECCANICA DIGAMA designs and manufactures complete plants and machinery for the food industry, especially in the food processing sector, the flagship of the Campania entrepreneurship and of Agro Sarnese-Nocerino, where there is the highest concentration in the world of tomato processing companies.

Quality and production

process reliability
Geographical proximity and the direct relationship with many companies in the sector, allowed the founder Gioacchino Di Prisco to develop a solid know-how and maximum flexibility in the design phase, today’s greatest strength also abroad. In fact, MECCANICA DIGAMA generates custom projects based on structural and production needs of the client.

High productivity

and 24H assistance
MECCANICA DIGAMA puts together a working team ready to operate in any country and to provide assistance 24 hours a day, ensuring the permanent presence on site, and throughout the campaign period, a team of technicians and maintenance. For Di Prisco family, in the food industry technologies, there is no customersupplier relationship; they become partners because only a partner can provide trust and reliability.
Meccanica DIGAMA is SOA certified – CERTIFICATION OF QUALIFICATION FOR THE EXECUTION OF PUBLIC WORKS, issued in accordance with Presidential Decree 207/2010.
The SOA certification is the mandatory certification for participation in tenders for the execution of public works contracts, or a document necessary and sufficient to prove, during the tender, the ability of the company to perform, directly or subcontracting, public works of works.
It certifies and guarantees the possession by the company of the construction sector of all the requirements provided for by the current legislation in the field of Public Works Contracts.

Technology that goes

beyond the border
Increasingly active beyond the borders of Campania, today MECCANICA DIGAMA manufactures production plants for many foreign companies, offering a complete installation, assembly and assistance service, just like for companies in the Campania region.


MECCANICA DIGAMA collaborates with important international partners for the equipment and technical material supply.