Company’s mind needs a good number-two man!
The new Anthropomorphic Robot improves the handling and palletisation of packed products, simplifying the production processes and reducing business costs with its sophisticated and innovative technology.
The rotating platform at 360-degree also enables precise movements from one point to another point inside the plant, with a minimum envelope.
Wired directly into the computer through software for the easy use of automation, the anthropomorphic robot can carry out different types of movements and it can perform many functionalities, resulting particularly flexible and beneficial.
Digama customizes the Robot according to your needs, offering innovative solutions depending on packs, which are handled.


  • Possibility to palletisation  from many  points of loading and unloading
  • Lower maintenance costs than traditional palletiser plant
  • Forward speed until 7000 mm/s
  • Maximum flexibility in change of format

Industry 4.0
The new Digama Robot meets the law’s requirements  for industry 4.0, which allows an amortisation of 250% of the value of goods that promote the process of technological change in companies.